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Software Development

Build Mobile Applications

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Make beautiful iOS applications. Your apps will be built on top of Swift and Objective-C. No bloatware. Only lean and efficient apps that run natively on mobile hardware.

  • Mobile graphics: Make your apps look great with hardware accelerated graphics.

  • Interface design: We love building fast and responsive user interfaces.

  • Game development: Launch your mobile games with a little help from graphics programmers.

Build Desktop Applications

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Implement elegant macOS, Windows or QT software. Happy to collaborate with your team and designers of your choice.

  • Software development: We offer programming services in C, C++ and Objective-C.

  • Computer graphics: Specialists in graphics development, including OpenGL and shader programming.

  • Scientific computing: Customised software development for researchers and engineers.

Build Software Libraries

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Technical debt hurts software development. Untangle your software projects with the help of documented frameworks and libraries.

  • Modularise code: Break up large software repositories into manageable modules.

  • API development: Wrap your libraries with APIs to support different programming languages.

  • Be adaptable: Migrate your code into frameworks and enable cross platform development.