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Kick-start Software Projects

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About to start a new software development venture and don't know where to start? We can help you configure all the necessary development tools and start working on your next idea.

Version control: Configure version control systems and stay on top of source code management.

Toolchains: Deploy compiler tools and configure development environments tailored to your software project.

Professional advice: Get connected with academic resources that will help you evolve your products.

Improve Software Projects

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Software development is hard. Code can get messy and difficult to manage over time. We offer technical reviews and we can steer your projects toward best software development practices.

Review code: Analyse C, C++ and Objective-C projects and start developing with recommended practices.

Modernise code: Benefit from new programming language features. Don't depend on deprecated code.

Project restructuring: Improve project productivity by isolating problems and modularising code.